Hey, Hey, Hey Goodbye!

For our international visitors, the title references this song played at American sporting events when the home team annihilates the visitors.

And yes, sorry, this is a political post.

I was not one of those kids who pulled the legs off grasshoppers or set ants on fire with a magnifying glass or even took secret pleasure when the other nerd child in gym class got picked last for dodge ball.

But as an adult I absolutely delight in watching candidates drop out of a Presidential race!

Today's casualties? John "But my parents ate Potted Meat!" Edwards and Rudy "Don't come crying to me when you're choking on Sarin gas. Bastards." Giuliani.

Whee! What a rush!

In case you've spent the day in an isolation chamber, there now remain two Dems - Hillary and Obama - and three and half Republicans if you are still counting Ron Paul.

And this is where it starts to get ugly.

I won't go so far as to say I enjoy negative campaigning - you know I hate true Haters - but I find it absolutely fascinating.

In order to earn my Communications degree I actually had to sit through a class that investigated, dissected and explained campaign advertising and candidate image-making (although I still cannot explain Michael Dukakis).

If I had the time, money and ambition to pursue a Masters degree I would undoubtedly write my thesis on negative campaigning. It includes so many different areas of expertise - psychology, lexicography, graphic design, marketing, nonverbal comm, sneakery....

Anywho, I am geared UP, y'all, just WAITING for Super Tuesday. Which I believe should fall on Fat Tuesday every election cycle.

Par-TAY! Whooo!

I'll give you some beads if you show me your voter ID card!


hswilkinson said…
We're not allowed to caucus on Super Tuesday because we're both registered independent. But there was a whackload of people on the campus of the University of Denver this morning because Obama-rama spoke here, and Bill Bill is speaking tonight.

And remember, the Democratic National Convention will be in Denver this year. I think I'll hide at my house the entire time.
Anonymous said…
Oh, so that is what happened, you always got picked last for dodgeball!!! Now it all makes sense!!!
Tom said…
The only thing I can say to explain Michael Dukakis is smoke, mirrors, and boxes to stand on.

You'll have to send me your email address for me to show you my voter ID. I don't just put that out there for everyone to see.

I'm shy like that. But I totally want the beads.
melissa said…
I hope Paul stays in if for no other reason than sheer entertainment. Wouldn't you love to see him debate Hillary....she's so scripted and God only knows where he's gonna go with stuff...
City Girl said…
hwilk: Can I hide there, too? Please? I bring good foo-ood!

anon: Don't even pretend to be surprised by that.

tom: I also need to see a permission slip from Dory. :o)

miss: Hillary vs. Ron. Epic!
Country Girl said…
The intro there said, "Yes, sorry, this is a political post."

I LIVE for your political posts. Duh.