Silent Hill, Anyone?

It is entirely possible that we are the only two humans on this rock who have never heard of Zero Punctuation, but so what?!
He's here now and he's staying.

Having never played a modern* video game
::insert tonsil-sucking gasp here::
I have absolutely no freaking idea what this guy is talking about.
But it doesn't matter. Not a bit. Not for a zepto-second.

Love his voice, love his accent, love the cadence, LOVE the graphics, love the cat who bites him on the ass and completly love the music.

Does that make you want to click here? Hmmm?

Did you watch it? Are you now feeling simultaneously amused and inadequate? Yeah. Cool.

*Unless you consider Zelda, circa 1994, moderne.**
**And if you do, I want you to be my new best friend.

PS - We are going to get SO much traffic from that title and piss off soooo many gamers. tee-hee!


Tom said…
This whole post was lost on me.
I own a Play Station 2 and I play it about as often as clean out the basement and you can imagine how often that is.
Country Girl said…
See, I'm so out of it I go to other people's houses and just stare in redneck amazement. My kids have DS's. That's it. They COULD have a PlayStation. I guess. How much do they cost? Is there a point? If it's on the television, then can I still watch b&w Perry Mason's?

Oh, and I'm having the mid-life crisis I never got around to having last year. Who am I? Why am I here? GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE LEFT LANE.