There seems to be a PATTERN here!

City Girl has addressed her drinking glass issues before...according to her she fosters a clumsiness habit. (I've never seen such but that doesn't seem to be something you'd make up so we'll take her word for it.) Therefore, I was with her the last time she bought a delightful lovely glass jars that she uses for drinking glasses. So that when she breaks them...oh, well! Pisser! Do we have English muffins and butter?
On the other hand. There's me. And my Waterford. I've had these glasses for...about eight years and I lOVE that glass. It wouldn't matter if Tyco manufactured these...I'd love that glass. The fit in your hand is sensuous, the heft is ideal. There were four but of course I broke one, so now I have three. And I am joined at the hip to my glasses. I can leave them all over the county and someone will call and say, "Hey! Got your glass!", because that glass belongs to me and everyone knows it. G&A currently have one but I'll be at their house for the Super Bowl so I didn't even bother going to pick it up. One less thing I'll have to take come game time.

The only PROBLEM with these glasses is...OH SHIT!...they're glass! And considering that the majority of my social life is spent with a whole lot of people, in a field with a barn and a mule named Melvin, every now and then carrying my glass in my hip pocket just isn't the best idea I ever came up with.

So this weekend when City Girl and I took our wonderful friend, M, out for her birthday, City Girl announced she had something for me. And I just want you to check this out.

Just exactly HOW damn cool is this? Styrofoam Waterford. And I assure you, everywhere I sit my cup down, someone is going to pick it up and go, "Look! It's Amy's cup!"

Damn right.


City Girl said…
A pattern here?

Well, whatever that pattern is, it surely is NOT Lismore by Waterford!