After the Dust Settles

So you’re an Independent voter. A rebel without a party. A political nomad in search of a candidate who is different (oh, what a subjective description).

You could totally go for either McCain against Hillary or Obama against Romney.

But what happens when it comes down to Obama vs. McCain in November?

D’OH! You hadn’t actually played through that scenario until Tuesday, had you?

Of course, if you tend toward a single issue it shouldn’t be a difficult choice.

Focused on ending the war? Obama.

Obsessed with tax reductions? McCain.

But if you’re somebody who is moderate and just craves change, well... you, my friend, are screwed. You’re facing a summer of over-analyzing every word that comes out of the mouths of both candidates. You can save yourself a lot of grief by just unplugging the teevee and flipping a coin sometime around Halloween.

(Yes, I am now assuming for the sake of argument that Obama will have more delegates at the end of the convention. I think he has the momentum, he is raising an insane amount of money, and we’re coming into the season of sporadic primaries when he will have lots of time to evangelize in individual states, which is his strength.)

So here we are. We wanted change, we wanted options, we wanted a modicum of moderation, and kids we got them.

Be careful what you wish for. It might come true.

Hear me now und believe me later. Your choices in November will be:
McCain/Huckabee (Johnny needs those red states) and
Obama/Any Democratic Senator or Governor of a Swing State

PS - Gimme a break! I've had a busy week. Jeesh! Patience, patience.

UPDATE: Romney just announce he's pulling out. By the looks of his freakin' huuuge family, he hasn't done that enough in his lifetime. I'm just sayin'.


Jen said…
Very well summed up. Thanks I have been trying to make sense of it all and this was more concise than most.
Anonymous said…
So, who is your candidate now that Ron Paul is out? I am of the opinion since the Presidency has more influence of foreign policy, and the Congress has more influence over domestic issues, we need to think about who might have the most experience in foreign affairs.
City Girl said…
And there you have it, folks.

A confirmed Hillary man.

(That undoubtedly just caused him to choke).
Rurality said…
Heh. You *really* needed a spit warning on that last update! Just glad I wasn't drinking coffee at the time. :)