Buy a Mattress - It's Presidents Day!

Actually, President's Day isn't until Monday but all the serious Presidents Day Sale furniture shopping will take place this weekend, so allow me to be the first to jump the gun.

In honor of President's Day - NOT "Honor the President Day" which is impossible for any thinking human to do - and because it is Friday and because I am lazy and Country Girl is MIA, I give you another highly amusing Cracked link:

Where is Andrew Jackson when you need him? Does anyone have a lock of his hair? Can we CLONE him? What about old Teddy up there? Because I'm about tired of our current pussy-pink Badass Wannabe.

There I said it.

Bring it on, Secret Service.

Bring it on, FBI, NSA and all you other sca-ary acronyms!

Hnugh. Yeah. That's what I thought. :: a la Will Smith ::

Post Script: If you don't hear from me again, don't bother with the Amber Alert or whatever alert is sent up for missing middle-age bloggers. Just tell Paris Hilton that The Hubster is all hers now.


fatboyfat said…
Is that a black helicopter I can hear?
Tom said…
You said pussy pink...

I loved the link. I laughed, I cried, and then I laughed again.
melissa said…
I'm pretty sure I'm on a list, too. But Voldemort won't be in power much longer, so I'm not too worried anymore.