The dog hates it when I laugh out loud and we're the only ones here

This is an email from a friend of mine...his family owns a construction company in middle Tennessee and he is a successful decorator/re-doer/idea guy on his own.

I swear, every word of this is true....this guy would not leave.

I just had a man come in the office and ask to see me about a job. I had already told my cousin that I did not do the hiring and he needed to see Mike or Richard if he was looking for a job, but he came in and asked for me so he obviously doesnt take direction very well, but since is my cousins Father-in-law...I guess that he thought he had an "in" with us.

So this is what he said...he wants part-time but he might be willing to work more during the fall. You know he is on Social Secutiry so he can only make so much per year, so we would have to work around that. He also doesn't want any pressure, said he had had enough of that, didn't really want any responsibility either. And he CERTAINLY didn't want to work with any Japanese and wanted to make it clear that he could not read Japanese. He went on to say that he wasn't used to doing any "hard" work since he has been a superintendent the last 20 years, and that he wasn't as fast as he used to be.

By this time I was thinking...damn this is a country music song waiting to be recorded. I was trying really hard not to get tickled...but he would not leave and he would not quit expounding all the fabulous assets that he could bring to our little business. We don't have anything for him right now (if you cant read Japanese in NowheresVille Tennessee, you are pretty much useless)

Hope you are well...