Jury Duty Break

Just in case y'all are sitting around waiting on me to save the planet? You need to move on. City Girl did jury duty and soaked up all the legalities and injustices and implications for our society. I had jury duty?

I had the best time! Stepped on the elevator and out of 12 people, knew five and am related to two others. Got into the courtroom and hugged and greeted for ten minutes. Went to elementary school with both attorneys. There was the guy who grew up on the farm next to ours, and who I graduated from high school with! (We're going to the pool hall for lunch Wednesday.) My dad's first cousin! One of my Master Gardener buddies...the English professor I used to work for...my dad's best friend's son...two of my husband's high school buddies...

Oh. The legal system. My judicial obligations. Sorry, I knew one of the people in the lawsuit. They sent me home but I get to go back tomorrow!! I think I'll pack finger foods and beer.