Our Most Revered National Holiday

It is widely accepted that unless your own, special much-loved NFL team is playing in the Super Bowl, this National Holiday is pretty much all about eating, drinking and socializing interjected with a few cursory glances at the television.

Or is that Thanksgiving? Wait...is there actually a difference anymore?

Whenever we have people over for SB Sunday we play games - mostly involving gambling, natch - based on the action on the field.

(This year, upon darkening our doorway, guests will be required to pledge allegiance to one team or the other. When that team scores, fans will served watermelon shots. * evil cackle * I scored HUGE this year and have jury duty on Monday... I sincerely doubt I will be the only hung over juror at the courthouse. )

Since neither the Giants or the Pats tug at the heartstrings of any member of our household, we're actually looking forward to the commercials more than the game. So this year we've added advertisement betting to the action.

In the spirit of gambling on commercials - which seems redundant, no? - I give you highly amusing, politically incorrect advertising of days gone by.



Tom said…
Now, talk about sexist!!

Why wouldn't I need to have that information? If I ever am messing around with Dory's mascara and "accidentally" get it close to my face... say, close enough to drop it and get a smudge on my nose. I think it would be of great interest to me to know that alcohol is the only way to get that off. Don't you think that it would be in my best interest to hide that information as quickly as possible?

Besides, it's just another good reason to keep vodka on hand at the office. Or Street Mission/Church that I work at.
Country Girl said…
Oooh!Oooh!Ooooh! Seven years ago, the first year back from Texas when we did the Super Bowl with my boys here, they had a pool. I don't know shinola about football and I don't PRETEND I know shinola about football, but they made me be in the pool. I didn't WANT to be in the pool and I TOLD them I didn't want to be in the pool but if you were there, you were in the pool. So I filled out my form. And Mike came over, with my filled-out form in hand, and said, "I don't think you understand." YOU STUPID FUCKER. I TOLD you I didn't understand! So I re-filled out my form and...won every damn bet for the night. Every. Damn. Bet. Four quarters and a final. Mess with me.
Dory said…
D'oh! Hunky's talkin' bout his mascara on the football entry! I need to hit his reset button!
HunkyDory wants the Giants to win for the simple reason that we hate, loathe, and detest tombrady.
Tom said…
Ummmm, I think that comment got attributed to the wrong post. I don't know how that happened, but it should be for the post above this one.

Sorry. Sometimes these iBooks have a mind of their own.