Out of the mouths of babes...

So often I get caught up in the...mechanics...of raising kids that I lose out on the unique perspective available from a viewpoint with no preconcieved notions. (SON OF A BITCH as a sentence.) I forget how kids look at things.

This week, from The Not Nice Kid who is seven years old:

We are Methodist, practicing the Rite of Reconciliation. I read, "And the child confesses his sins unto the priest." And TNNK says, "All of them?"

We're backing out of our driveway and the 300-pound neighbor walks into his yard and TNNK says, "How do you get that fat?"

And tonight, we're watching the Academy Awards and she says, "What makes that dress stay up?"

All of which are VERY good questions. To which I don't have very good answers.

Off to jury duty. You need to check if I don't show up for a week or so.


Tom said…
Tape is the answer to all those questions:

"All of them?" Tape them.

"How do you get that fat?" Watching tapes.

"What makes that dress stay up?" Tape... and hope, in some cases.
Melissa said…
You know...duct tape is the force that holds the universe together...
light on one side, dark on the other.

And good luck with the jury duty thing. I still have never been called. Go figure.