Pimp My Income

While we're on the subject of earning....
Since the day this blog was conceived Country Girl and I have kicked around the idea of selling little pieces of our souls to GoogleAds.

But first we had to get to the point where we had "X" number of unique visits per day, sans bounce.

Now we're there.

Understand, this income would support our combined bourbon habit which, while a worthy cause in our addled perspectives, is not exactly whatchacall noble.

We would not donate the proceeds to save rain forests, build ivory-billed woodpecker habitats or feed out-of-work actors.

Together we donate a significant amount of time and money to local, national and international causes. Believe me, when you read that most American charity is supported by the Middle Class, we are right there in the thick of it with our checkbooks.

(Yes, I do still have a checkbook ONLY because Public Radio, Public Television, the local no-kill shelter and Girl Scouts don't take American Express - yet).

So the question is: To sell out or not to sell out?

Would you still respect us in the morning?


Anonymous said…
I keep a google alert for birders on the web, your blog came up. I would like to invite you to visit the Ivory-billed Woodpecker Foundation's Update blog: ibwfound.blogspot.com
City Girl said…
Excellent! I actually chose that example b/c my local Wild About Birds is hosting an Ivory Billed Woodpecker fundraiser next month.
Comet Girl said…
I think you should get some kind of compensation for your efforts. Why the Hell not? I'm sure you would serve me some of that bourbon next time I come to visit.