Post Pressure

Fair is fair, and posting duty now falls to me as it fell to Country Girl while it was MY turn on jury duty....

Unfortunately for you I do not have a clever thought in my head at the moment.
Not one. All my cleverness was used up last week – more on that later. Don’t want to jinx anything.

So it is up to Fab Boy’s meme to keep you all entertained. For those of you who thought you knew who I was, but were not sure, this should seal it up for you.

Four jobs I've held:
Waiting tables on (near) the beach – what a great time that was.
Construction Estimator (didn’t see that coming, did you?)
Legal Assistant (where I learned I really do hate people)
Marketing Goddess (not my official title)

Four movies I've watched over and over again:
Blues Brothers
The Meaning of Life
The Godfather (the original, natch)
When Harry Met Sally (I do have ovaries, you know)

Four places I've been:
Buck Snort, Tennessee
Plant City, Florida
Berwyn, Illinois
Macon, Georgia
(No one said they had to be GOOD places)

Four places I've lived:
Brrr Freaking Cold, Chicago
Ungodly Hot, Arizona
Here We Call Them Palmetto Bugs, Florida
Rural, Alabama

Four TV shows I watch:
Dr. Who (obv)
Top Gear (new season begins tonight – woo-hoo!)
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
New episodes of any of Gordon Ramsay’s shows
(Otherwise, Jericho)

Four radio shows I listen to:
Marketplace, PRI
The World, PRI
All Things Considered, NPR
Car Talk, NPR
- Are you getting the picture? Complete and total geek.

Four things I look forward to (not in order):
A time when the world is at peace
A day when no one is poor
The end of famine
Bourbon/Sex/Prescription Drugs

Four favourite foods:
Bacon (situational vegetarianism is NOT wishy-washy)
Stilton/Maytag/Gorgonzola – if it’s bleu and stinky I love it
Potatoes (this is beginning to sound like an excellent recipe)
Fresh bread with Irish butter

Four places I'd rather be:
Outer Space – wouldn’t that be amazing?
The Future (see above)
In Gordon Ramsay’s pants (sorry, TMI)
Ahhhh… The beach. Any warm beach.

Four people I e-mail regularly:
God. But it always bounces back....
Gordon Ramsay. Only his lawyers answer.
The Hubster. At least he loves me.
Myself. (Existential crisis management).

Four people I've tagged:
Nobody. I sincerely believe I am the last person in cyberdom to play along with this meme.

Goodnight, everybody - I’ll be here all week! Don’t forget to tip your waitress!


Comet Girl said…
Four Places I'd rather be:
1. Sipping wine on the French Riviera
2. Sipping wine on the Greek Mediterranean.
3. Sipping wine anywhere but at my desk. Oh, Hell that would be ok too.
4. in a size 4.
fatboyfat said…
I am so glad somebody let this meme die. I'm too chicken - I always think Bad Things Will Happen.
alejna said…
1. Buck Snort, Tennessee? You makin' that up?

2. I'm pretty sure I've heard of Here We Call Them Palmetto Bugs, Florida, though.

3. Me, I never listen to the radio, except for when the alarm clock is going off. On perhaps "listen" isn't quite the right word for what I do as I moan, groan, and stumble out of bed to hit the snooze button.

4. I've never done this meme, so I must divest you of your status as the last person in cyberdom to play along with this one. Ha!