Things that make you smile... bewilderment.

We really DO live in a seriously rural area, and I really AM kin to most of the people on this side of the creek, but every now and then I am just...reminded. Of the humor in the situation.

I was driving to the co-op Saturday to buy chicken feed. We have a rooster...a lovely little white banty rooster who looks like a little Clydesdale. He lives in the garage. He has oceans of white feathers all over his body and clouds of them at his feet. We also have a 100-pound lab and a tomcat, but that rooster rules the roost. Literally. You feed the cat? The cat sits back and lets the rooster have first pick 'cause you don't piss off the rooster. He has no fear. And last week when the dog went after the rooster's egg yolks? (Yes. The rooster eats egg yolks. I don't ask.) The rooster jumped on the back of the dog's neck and proceded to raise holy hell. The dog finally had to roll over to get the rooster off and needless to say...the dog is off egg yolks for a while. Imagine that.

SO. I am driving to the co-op to buy chicken feed and in one four mile venture I passed:

*Phillips 66: Corn dogs and money orders...yeah, but is there any GAS in there?

*Roses Herb Center and Auto Sales...I think they had a Lincoln ThymeCar

*River Road Wheel Estates...this would be a trailer park,

And then finally, my favorite and it doesn't hurt that I KNOW this guy...

*Thornton's Catering and Chainsaw's the ice sculptures. They're hell on chainsaw teeth.

(Recycled picture, but I won't ever top THAT one.)


City Girl said…
The key to rural survival is undoubtedly DIVERSIFICATION.

Other brilliant combinations no one has thought of yet:

Dental Care and Massage
Small Engine Repair and Psychoanalysis
Lawn Care and Dog Walking
Veterinary and Dipilatory (This one just has a nice ring to it)
Anonymous said…
Actually, I have thought of the lawn care and dog walking business,, but with a third line of business ,, "pooper scoop".
Tom said…
The one that scares me is the drive-thru liquor store and gun shop.

One of these days I'm gonna move to a place that has these things.

One of these days...
alejna said…
Those are quite entertaining. I quite particulary like the catering and chainsaw repair, too.

One store this list reminds me of is a donut shop that's located inside a tire store. I'm particularly amused by the clustering of toroid shapes. Bagels would fit in nicely.
City Girl said…
And CDs!

Ned's Tires, Tunes and Baked Goods