You're Hired

I only have another 24 hours to enjoy this until my Midwest, middle-class, Polish Catholic you-don't-deserve-anything-nice DNA swings into full gear and I start worrying that I've completely fucked up.

I got a new job.

You knew it was coming. Country Girl's "kudos" eluded to it. But it is now official.

I am getting the hell out of Dodge and into what I believe (because I have to) will be an infinitely cool position.

The company? A ginormous multinational manufacturer of Internet connectivity thingies.

The job? Search engine marketing. I know that sounds like something a pop-up blocker stops, but it's a bit more interesting than that. For anybody who cares, or knows what the hell it means, the work is in search engine optimization (SEO).

This, actually, is the most enjoyable part of the job I have currently. The Intertubes absolutely fascinate me. Like, I've been reading SEO books for enjoyment for the past year-ish.

That's completely sick, isn't it?
(Not hip-hop cool "sick"... the old school "sick" as in vomitous).

Anywho, that's what I've been up to and will continue to be up to until such time as my true ineptitude is revealed and New Employer realizes they've screwed up massively by letting me near the office equipment.

Final Note: Many thanks to Fab Boy Fab for tips on how to talk to Brits (new boss is in the UK).

Special Note: Happy Big 4-0 Birthday to Joss over at Faster Than Kudzu!

Image Note: Yes, I know "morale" is misspelled. I didn't create the image, I am just perpetuating its existence.

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fatboyfat said…
"Smashing!" We don't really say that over here any more. But it's fitting. Well done.
Dory said…

and that's all I have time for now that I spend 9 hours a day in hell and feel I must fun myself to death in the futile effort to cram everything I WANT to do into the little time I have because of the massive time sucked by what I NEED to do.

you know, in some countries, that sentence could actually make sense.
Melissa said…
yea you!

City Girl said…
Dory: Welcome to the working world and the Legion of Time Strapped Futile Funlessness.

Today you are a man. Mazel Tov!