And the Winner of Most Obnoxious Blogger Is...

Oh, y'all.

I know I said there wouldn't be any (much) crossover between this blog and No Place For Picky Eaters, but this is a call to action.

I don't remember doing this but apparently I nominated us for the 2008 Most Obnoxious Blogger Award.

I probably figured, "Well, we'll never win for best FOOD blog, so...."

Today I Googled, "Wine and Roasts" and the top two results were not for the blog, but for the Blogger's Choice Award.

SO, what I need you to do, pleaseandthankyou, is click on over to here and vote for us...and then send this post to your friends and ask them to do the same.

Speaking only for myself, I would totally rather we be Most Obnoxious Blogger Runner Up than winner of Best Food Blog.


Country Girl said…
Well. Hell. I thought the food was pretty damn we need more Thai?