At least I wasn't in the Georgia Dome!

Last Friday night The Nice Kid had a school dance. And as we are in the midst of adolescent angst and anger in the seventh grade, I cooked up a dinner occasion pre-dance for her and a couple of the nice friends and moms. Things went well. One of the moms left with all the kids and...

DID I GET IN MY CAR AND COME HOME? No, I got in my car and stopped three doors down at my Mexican restaurant. As did another one of the mothers. And since it was Friday night there were lots of people we knew there so...when I eventually left? It was with the hired help. It's possible my pockets were filled with used cleaning rags and PineSol and since there's no charge on my Amex I may have washed glasses. That doesn't SOUND like me but was a strange night.

When I did finally leave, I put in Joe Cocker. Really loud. Opened the sunroof. Sang severely off-key all the way home but if you're singing with Joe Cocker...who the fuck would know? Got home, left my car in the driveway, came in mouth-first and...

(This was the night the basketball play-offs got canceled in Atlanta and the roof nearly blew off the Georgia Dome RIGHT AT THE END OF THE GAME. And if it's gonna rain in Atlanta, it has to rain here first.)

I left the sunroof open. All night. As in, from the time I got home until the time the next morning when The Big Boy got ready to run to the bank and...well. Hell. It's highly possible it rained four inches Friday night...or maybe it only rained two and the seats served as funnels. We did this once before but that involved a Ray Charles concert and a bottle of Blanton's.

It seems to me that all you have to do is take a drill, put 1/8 inch holes in the floorboards, and forget about it. I could be wrong.


Melissa said…
They used a shot gun on Top Gear Monday night. Same principle, but you get to use arms instead of power tools.

But glad to hear that you are ok otherwise.
City Girl said…
Miss: I SWEAR to you I had the same thought as I was reading this post!

KAPOW in the Lancia!
KAPOW in the Benz!

I do love me some Top Gear. :o)
City Girl said…
As for you, CG1, you TOLD Big Boy you didn't want a new car.

That'll teach him.