I said Techie NOT Trekkie!

This is like a bad Polish joke:
How do you confuse a middle-aged techie wannabe?

Give her an AT&T Samsung Blackjack when she's been using a Verizon Blackberry for a year and tell her to figure out how to transfer the data.

Really. This is just too much. I am now certain the the Vulcan Mind Meld involved PDA technology.

(Am waiting for Country Girl to chime in and describe how SHE gets by with two tin cans and 57 miles of twine. Yada, yada, yada.)

So here I sit, PDA in each hand and I can already tell you that I think the Samsung is a worthless piece of crap. So it's smaller. So it's sleek and attractive. So it has a camera...and I can open Office docs with it, and... shit.

I hate that this smug little bugger - of which I have been in possession for all of an hour - is making my beloved Crackberry look bad. Bastard.

This isn't over. I won't give up the Blackberry without a fight!

In the words of our greatest President, Jed Bartlet , and that Jesus guy:


Comet girl said…
Here it is 5 days until Easter and I haven't watched "The Passion" yet this year, otherwise I would have known that. Yeah, right! You are quite the little adaptor, adpaptress, whatever, you'll get through this. I can't wait until you're singing the praises of the Samsung.
Tom said…
I have that same EXACT problem with my PPC and cell phone. I'm getting to the place that I want to go back to a rotary phone attached to the wall.
Country Girl said…
Y'all realize, she's got a SERIOUS smirk going on this one. I had the same cellphone for seven years. I actually had one of my daughter's friends ask me in a restaurant last year if it was my home phone. After offering me every enticement known to the business world and watching me ABSOLUTELY refuse to give it up, Verizon finally just phased out my technology and...I had to get a new phone. I hate that fucker. I can't read the numbers. It doesn't let you back up. And City Girl is reading WHAT on her PHONE? I told you people automatic transmissions would mean the end of our country as we know it.