A Voice From the Past

Hey, Kids! Remember me?

Recently, all hell broke loose in the employment area of City-ville and I'm just now emerging from the rubble.

What a complete clusterfuck.

I won't bore you with the details. Suffice to say:

1.) I left my job on very good terms, although...
2.) They said, "Thanks for the two-weeks notice, but you can go home now," on the day...
3.) they eliminated 100 jobs and laid off 80-ish people, meaning...
4.) I dodged one HELL of a bullet, but...
5.) Several of my friends were not so lucky, and I'm very sad for them. But...
6.) I still start my new job tomorrow (knock wood, thew-thew).

Meanwhile back at the ranch not much is happening. The kitchen remodeling has not progressed one visible iota since the first of the year, but it is usable and is not awful-looking, so that's good.

Funny Thing: My two big yard dogs (dawgs) have decided that when the sun goes down they become house dogs and have the "inside" stuffed toys and a fleece blankets to prove it, thankyouverymuch.
The flipside? If you're going to sleep in the house you WILL bathe regularly. I don't know how to say, "How did this plan go so horribly wrong?" in dog-lish, but I'm guessing they're growling it under their dog-breaths.

Totally psyched and scared completely shitless about the new employment situation tomorrow.

Who will eat lunch with me? What do I wear? Will they like me? What if I can't get my locker open? Will I find my classes in time?

Thank God and all the Saints for Xanax.

So that is the Reader's Digest version of wot's wot.

The image above :: heh-heh-heh :: was taken at a JOB FAIR. The title, not surprisingly, is "How NOT to dress up for a job fair." Because I am momentarily without Photoshop I couldn't crop and highlight what El Dude-o's t-shirt says, but if you squint you can tell it says, "I F*ck on the First Date." In 90 point font, all caps.
(By the looks of him, I'd say this statement is more hypothesis than dogma and is yet untested. Great Googlymoogly he is one ugly bastard. Bless his heart.)

Unbelieveable. And I thought only American twenty-somethings were that oblivious. (D'oh!)

More later, boys and girls. Thanks for sticking with me/us.


hswilkinson said…
Holy crap, chica. Good luck tomorrow!!
Anonymous said…
clusterfuck....yeah....xanax is god - good- no, god, hell both!!
Dory said…
Oh, man, I can't believe I'm 5 days behind on google reader. Sheesh.
How did it go?
City Girl said…

It went well, thank you. :o)