You really CAN'T make this stuff up

(I've mentioned in the past that my family has a farm, we have parties down there that involve a lot of people, and they are called Branch Parties.)

The Big Boy was out of town all last week and I was making preparations for this weekend's second grade bash (I'll tell about that later, after I've stopped shaking. It was loud.) so Friday night we hit our Mexican restaurant. Mistake. Friday night. Excessive numbers of people. Thank goodness for a proprietor who is our friend/drinking buddy/school parent. At least we don't have to wait dry.

We are sitting at our table eating and this nice looking young man walks up and reaches out his hand and says Hi, Buddy. How have you been? And The Big Boy shakes hands and smiles and says something and then the nice young man looks at me and says Amy! How have you been? You look wonderful! and I smile and say something lovely and he walks off and we look at each other...Who the hell was that?

Neither one of us had a clue. I asked the friends at the table next to ours and they didn't know. The guy makes his way to the front of the restaurant and speaks to someone else we know, so after he left I went up there and asked them...Who was that masked man? They called his name and I was still...totally blank. So I asked, because I STILL did not have a he a Branch Person?

And the guy said, "No. He's a pathologist."

Laurel and Hardie hit the big time.


City Girl said…
At least they didn't say he's PATHOLOGICAL.