More of those things that upset the dog...

...when there's no one here but him and me and I'm laughing out loud. Compliments of our artist buddy down the road.

Okay, there's no bulge here. That can't be right, can it?

For someone with a four-times-a-week Mexican habit, this one's not funny.

I'm still getting a kick out of the new catch-phrase I learned during the pope's visit last week: Cafeteria Catholics.

Fat and sassy. You can put that on a tombstone.

It's the red van...surely real criminals don't drive red cars. Do they?

Now see, you KNOW that 'Vette was orinigally parked sideways and they just scooted it around.

And my friends keep telling me I just "misplaced" my drink!

Well, hell. That's straight out of my high school yearbook. Most Likely To Succeed.

No, they're not mine. Mine have braces.

I've been here.


alejna said…
Those are hilarious! Thanks for sharing them.
Melissa said…
Thanks for the chuckles. I really needed that today.

And that first one? Is not right.
Dory said…
Ok, I laughed out loud and then had to show the Blasphemy one to my soop. BwaHahahahahaha!