Honest question: How do disorganized people survive?

Rhetorical question: Shouldn't natural selection have by now removed individuals lacking organizational skills from the gene pool?
You can't depend on survival of the fittest - or neatest - because The Organized are forever dragging everyone else along with them, taking up their slack...and besides, lions prey on the lame not the disorganized....

I've had several friends, and currently suffer from several coworkers, who are so disorganized I don't know how they get themselves bathed, dressed and fed every day.

While these people may appear well-groomed their homes (and vehicles) are inevitably pigs stys. How do you dirty a dish and then leave it laying around for days to get fuzzy and odorous?

How do you drop your clothes where you're standing and then leave them there - as if the Cobbler's Elves will appear in the night and drag your sweat-stained dress into the dry cleaning bag? And then stand idly by as day after day the clothes pile up?

As my mother would ask, "Were you raised in a barn?"
(Which, actually, is a dangerous question to ask in rural Alabama as many people were practically raised in barns).

And HOW can you work - let me qualify that: How can you produce good work - when you have absolutely no concept of filing. Or keeping track of projects (spreadsheets, anyone?). Or arriving on time for meetings. Or...or...or....

There are now television programs dedicated to teaching people how to pick up after themselves. It boggles the mind.


Country Girl said…
I told you, damn it, if you were going to take pictures in my house you were to keep them private!!
fatboyfat said…
Surely it's not untidy if you can still see the floor?
City Girl said…
YOU, CG1, are one of the MOST organized people I know! Kids, immediate family stuff, extended family stuff, garden club, arts alive, school stuff...Not only do you get everyone where they need to go, when they need to get there, you show up with baked goods - EVEN WHEN YOU DON'T HAVE TO.
crashing-xombie said…
After giving a lot of thought to this matter, I've now moved to the metaphysical realm.

Firstly, you organized people have a tendency of looking down upon the disorganized. Personally, I find the ultra-organized soul disgusting-as disgusting as the room you have put up there. I find that many of these people are anal (one may look up how the word came into being :). It is a Freudian thing about anal-retentiveness and anal-expulsiveness.

Secondly, (and here is the theorization) one forgets that there is such a thing called the head, so that much of the organization is done internally, by one's brain. A seemingly disorganized person may be amazingly organized in the head (I've wondered about why some disorganized people have such an excellent memory, for example). One does not account for the brain doing the organization where the body sits around doing nothing. It is an excellent filing cabinet, and an excellent computer. That should be the answer to your question I think. So much of the 'organization' that people like to do are just overkill.

Thirdly, just because someone is organized it does not mean that it is the best thing. There is the analogy between computing time and memory, as a case in point. Memory management is wasteful, and computing is obviously much faster. So you don't have to store data when you can compute. The same may apply to the human computer as well. Organizing costs effort and people don't want to when they can get away with it.

There is no law written in stone that being organized is the best way to live. People are just conditioned from birth to believe that way. Disorganized people find ways to stay organized in things that matter, jumping hoops and so on and so forth, but making it because of higher intelligence, perhaps. If anything, there are no concepts or natural laws (I refer to natural selection) with regard to this. The only law is one's IQ and one's ability to manage.

These are only my disorganized thoughts, and does not insult anyone. I am trying to cope with my own high-flier status while being viewed by some as the most disorganized individual who cannot survive in the world (of course, these people find it abominable, and unacceptable).