National Lampoon's Funeral Vacation - Day 3

A brief update:

Let me just say that we found the will, read it and discovered that half the family has been left (cut) out.

Anyone care to hazard a guess as to which half?

I could not possibly care less... The same cannot be said for my mother who is stewing, mulling and brooding. What can you expect when you've been estranged from someone for 25 years?

All My Children and East Enders have nothing on this family.

The image is just an effort to cheer myself up.
*weak pulse*


Country Girl said…
For a solemn occasion, you are cracking me up. You ought to see the scrambling this family does to ensure that greedy in-laws don't end up with half our farm...all the while worrying about the idiot factor within our own gene pool. You are making me feel so NORMAL!!
City Girl said…
I spent most of my time at the actual funeral today trying to crack up my two, very sad, adult male cousins.

You know what they say - or maybe I just say it: Happy people don't have to be funny.