Rock Lawb-sta!

Greetings from New Hamp-sha, kids!

I'm here in beautiful suburban Boston (seriously beautiful) for a week of computer training. You all have been thinking for a long time that I need to be trained, haven't you? Go on, say it.

Anyhoo, I've been gorging my self on lobster since we got here. These folks eat everyone's favorite crustacean like we (Southerners) eat catfish. Seriously. It is in everything.

I may never leave.

::weighing hands::

"Hmm...stay with the lobster or go back to catfish? Lobster...catfish." Not a difficult decision if you ask me.

Lawb-sta roll, anyone?
No image credit. Sorry to whoever I borrowed this from.


Comet Girl said…
Have you heard a native pronounce your name yet? That alone is worth coming back South. Almost dated a baseball player at UA from Boston. If girls got woodys I would have lost mine when he said my name.
Country Girl said…
Never in my life have I had all the lobster I wanted. Can I come hold the baby?