Texting and I was almost a contender!!

Okay, we’re agreed I’m not the most…technologically savvy…person walking this planet. That’s okay. I can eat more Mexican than you can.

HOWEVER. Sometimes, things happen and I know I’m right.

I had to add text messaging to my Verizon calling plan because of my big kids…daughter, son-in-law, niece and nephew. They text. I DON’T, primarily because I can’t see the buttons or read the messages, but they DO so that’s okay.

Got a text message today. From a REALLY wrong number. It said, “Hey buddy, halo tonight.”

Okay. The possibilities here are ENDLESS. I was enthralled. Like…did I get invited to a drug party? Are there people gathering as we speak, to do illegal drugs and and maybe…halo? Halo? Is there an angelic drug cult going on and because I was participating in the 70’s, did I miss it this time around?

Or…halo. Is there SEX by that name? I mean, think about it. I have a lot of gay friends and I learn stuff everyday that just…stops me in my tracks. Teddy bear. NSA. Top. Or bottom. I could go on but…halo. Did you know Craig’s List isn’t all about FURNITURE? I nearly lost it over that one.

So I emailed The Big Kid and my niece, who are both 27, and told them about the dangerous life I am living, vicariously. And my niece emails back with a copy of a text message she got from a girlfriend. A married girlfriend. From the married girlfriend to the married girlfriend’s boyfriend.

Okay. Now, THAT’S an interesting position!! Especially since the married girlfriend doesn’t know my niece got the message. Good information for future purposes.

But then The Big Kid emailed to tell me Halo is an online video game.

I knew that.