The Big Boy and I are in Nola. We just ate dinner at Mr. B's and now we're not speaking because TBB insisted on being John Belushi all the way through dinner. It's been done.

I sat in an outdoor cafe today and ate shrimp creole and drank beer and listened to five 40-somethings play really cool music. When I asked, they all did what they were supposed to do for 20 years and now they do what they want to do.

I wish I'd been that smart.

You should have seen us...the rental car. It's one of those with the button you push to start it, except that the rental car people started it and brought it to us and we drove it to the hotel in bumfuck and turned it off and then? Had NO IDEA how to start it again. I do not lie. We finally realized that there's this little roach/scarab looking thing that you put in a slip, and then put your foot on the brake and then push the button.

Well. Hell.

THAT makes sense.


City Girl said…
Damn technology.

"When I was a kid we had to use KEYS to start cars. And they only had AM radio stations...never mind what AM radio is, smartmouth...and you had to warm the seats up by yourself using your BACKSIDE."