Sometimes I Hate Politics

She is elusive, like ze snow leopard, this City Girl, non?

Getting ready this morning I nearly lost my lunch, so to speak. Which would have been a damn shame because Hubster dragged his happy ass out of bed at the break of day to cook us up a mess of steak and eggs for breakfast.

Yes, on a Wednesday. Yes, I am bragging.

Anyhoodle - As I am scarfing scramble a commercial comes on the teevee. A local commercial featuring Mike Huckabee. Whaa?

"Hi, I'm former Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee (who lives in Arkansas) and I am supporting Twinkle Smith-Jones for Alabama Public Services Commissioner...."

Yes, her name really is Twinkle. I've seen "Twinkle" signs in odd locations around North Alabama and assumed they were advertising/soliciting for some children's charity.

Now, you all know that I have a thing about names, but "Twinkle" is not what made me nauseous this particular morning.

The commercial continued, "Twinkle is a mom who knows the importance of keeping utility prices low" I'm with you, Twinkle, that's what a good Public Services Commissioner should do.

"And Twinkle is pro-life."

To which I ask: So what?
Is she also pro-grapefruit? Pro-elm trees? Pro-vacationing at Disneyland? Because those things have about as much to do with the Public Freaking Service Commission as Life vs. Choice.

Or did I miss something? In the event that a member of the Alabama Supreme Court contracts malaria or breaks his neck waters skiing (while wearing his black robe, natch) does the Public Services Commissioner sit in? Is THAT why we should know/care that she's pro-choice? Is that written somewhere in our ridiculous 800 page Constitution?!

Why the hell else would I CARE how she feels about the subject?

Tell you what, I want to know if she's a dog person or a cat person. That's relevant. That tells me every bit as much about a person as her view on abortion.

So, TWINKLE, what's in gonna be? Puppies or Kitties?


Melissa said… we want to know how you "scored" such a repast on a weekday?