Things I get in trouble for...

...which should NOT include hanging you people out to dry...if you weren't as too busy to read this as we were to post, then you need to get out more. The Fourth is a pain, but it sure makes for great memories.

*Editorial comment: "if you weren't as too busy...." Exsqueeze me? - The Editor.

Anyway, I had to delete Kodak Easyshare from the computer last night. There's only room for one Computer Program That Takes Over Your Life on each computer, and if you have AOL then you know...that bitch RULES. AOL will shut off your washing machine if it thinks you need to see a banner ad for a Caribbean vacation...even if said vacation is a swinging singles weekend and you're 300 pounds with four kids. I HATE AOL, but I've had it for so long (maybe 12 years?) that my life is captured in little mega-bytes or whatever in the AOL corporate bowels, and I don't think I can find my way home without it.

Point being...things I get in trouble for that are just damn DUMB. I was deleting Easyshare, and trying to move the entire program onto something. Anything. I THOUGHT I was burning it onto a CD, but then the stick kept flashing and so I don't have a fucking CLUE what I did with all those pictures. They may be gone but that goes back to that AOL things again...they're all copied into AOL. I die, my children have no legacy if someone closes my account. If the weather radio starts beeping in a minute, it may be because The Not Nice Kid's first soccer game just relocated and I FOUND THE PICTURES!

One of the pictures I was moving stood out and reminded me: I'm still pissed. The Not Nice Kid is a really good athlete...her father's legacy. She is also three months younger than her first cousin...a boy. They grew up really close and when they started school, it ended up being a good idea to send them to separate schools...they literally had that twin thing going where they could talk to each other and no one else could understand what they were staying. And The Nephew was NOT having it that TNNK was a girl. Which was fine with her...she's been kicking his ass for eight years now. We're used to it.

When they were four years old, they were in pre-school at the Presbyterian church and it was Water Day. If you have kids then you know: Water Day RULES. Small children live for WD. So the night before we lay out our stuff...a towel and water shoes and goggles and a swimsuit. Next day, off she goes. Life is good.

Did I mention the bathing suit was SpongeBob? Trunks? As in, boy trunks? Which is what she always wore because that's what The Nephew always wore and they always did the same things. Never crossed my mind but as it turns out...I had sinned.

The child was four years old and at pick-up I was "chastised" by the pre-school director because TNNK is a girl and she didn't have a shirt. And that picture popped up last night...TNNK in her SpongeBob trunks and some dumbass t-shirt and...I'm so glad we have World Peace and people are all kind to each other and there are no starving pygmies in...wherever.

Because, by George, my four year old wasn't flashing anyone.


City Girl said…
I have no idea where you were going with that post, but I tagged it with, "Haven't You Learned Not To Argue With Me?" based solely on the tone of the content.

Editorial Image: Would TNNK have been LESS naked in this sponge-colored, gender-appropriate bikini? I think not.
Melissa said…
I agree with the editorial on the image. Makes me wonder sometimes...

And as for doing stupid things? Oh boy, do I have YOU beat. I tried to fix our Xbox today. With predictable results. And I can't even blog about because Spouse reads the blog.