Be afraid. Be veerrrry afraid.

There seems to be a trend here, and I TOLD you people.
Every now and then I'll make a comment about The Not Nice Kid, and someone will chastise me for "labeling" my children.

"Labeling" my ass. She was eight months old the first time she threw herself down onto a concrete slab and revealed a blind running screaming tantrum, complete with beating arms and legs and enough decibels to shut down Sony. She was 14 months old when she slammed a GLASS bottle of ketchup down onto the BRICK floor at Cracker Barrel, dousing the three of us and the two adjoining tables, because they didn't bring her the same plastic cup they brought her sister. (On that one? I got up and went outside on the porch and sat in a rocker and cried.)

So remember a year or so ago at Christmas, when she was singing "Ho, ho, the missing toe?" And I just thought it was funny?

She's upstairs tonight dancing around to an imaginary Miley Cyrus song, and she's singing, "Don't you wanna have a hide on the wall?", and it crossed my mind this didn't really sound like a kid's song. But I figured I just didn't remember the movie or episode or show it came from. But about the third time I asked, "What are you saying?"

And she says, "Don't you wanna have a hide on the wall?" and then something about triplets, I think. And she's strutting the moves, with a GuitarMaster guitar, and then I asked, "What does that mean?"

And she says, "You know. When someone makes you mad. And you nail their hide up on the wall," at which The Nice Kid yells in from the other room.............................

"It's FLY ON THE WALL! FLY on the wall."

I think I'll start sleeping with my keys beside the bed...the set with the button that says, "Alarm."


Dory said…

*blink blink*