Dr. Horrible

I am torn between conceding this is another lame post and demanding that you all bow deeply in my general direction and praise my Fabulousness for sharing this with you.

Hmm...Admit failure...bask in adoration...admit failure...bask in adoration....

Thanks to Heather over at http://www.geekcookbook.com/, or - to be precise - her Facebook page I...we...you...now know about :: ta-ta-ta-daaaa::

Starring ::ta-ta-ta-daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa:: Doogie Howser!!
Nobody doesn't love The Doogster.

Maybe I was the last nerd to learn of this wonderful Horribleness, but no one I know - aside from Rocket Science Girl, above - knows about this mini-movie.

It's 43 minutes long, so sit down with it when you have a little time to kill. It's a far cry better than anything you'll find on television.

You're welcome.


hswilkinson said…
awesome! you're welcome. :)
Dory said…
You didn't happen to get those free episodes on iTunes a few weeks ago, didja?! If so, AREN'T YOU A GOOD SHARE-ER?!