I sooo don't get this

The governor's wife is on television right now, touting a program designed to keep people from hitting their kids. She is crying, and I HOPE that's mascara smeared underneath her eyes because if it's not, she's looking rough. She's explaining to us that if there's ANY way to help stop a parent from hitting a child in anger, we are obligated to help.

I will NEVER hear that phrase without Roseanne popping into my mind as she announced, "What? Don't hit a child in anger? What do you do...wait until the middle of Thanksgiving dinner when everyone is having a great time and then stand up and beat the shit out of your kid?"

Obviously, I'm not condoning child abuse...I have three unabused children. But what?..."Honey, you shouldn't have spray painted the neighbor's Mercedes. Let's go have ice cream and I'll punish you when you make Scholar's Team."


City Girl said…
As far as I'm concerned a good beating builds character.

And if it comes when you least expect it, it teaches you to stay on your toes....