May we talk tags for a moment?

Eight years ago I bought three pairs of pants, identical except for the color although the colors are black, brown and khaki so they're still sorta the same color. They are a cotton/tencel blend, elastic waist with side pockets. That's it. (In hindsight, this may have been the beginning of my downfall. Elastic waists let things tend to "slip up" on you. Like...THE POINT IN MY LIFE I APPROACHED THE SIZE OF A SMALL PLANET.) No embroidery, studs, pleats or embellishments. Just classic pants with a nice hand. Should I ever acquire exquisite facial bones and shrink 40 pounds and six inches, I might look like Katherine Hepburn, when I wear these pants with the black, brown, khaki or white shirts I own.

I DON'T DO TAGS. Arguably, I do have tissue paper skin. Bruise at a touch and you can see every vein and age spot on my body. But tags irritate the HELL out of my skin...I've had the nape of my neck rubbed raw with certain tags. Same goes for tags on pants. So I am the Scissor Demon. I have TAG CUTTING SCISSORS. No lie. Orange handled embroidery scissors I use just for cutting...oh so close...the tags off clothes.

So WHY?, pray tell, do companies that make beautiful, drapey, soft clothing put the hardest damn polyester on the planet in tags in these clothes? Several companies have started printing the label information inside the neckline which I think is a LOVELY idea...but the people who made my pants didn't bother. They hit up the local aluminum plant, bought several yards of pressed metal and made labels out of it and then...PUT THAT LABEL IN MY PANTS. So I cut it out.

The problem here is that I need new pants. Three more exactly like the three I have, thank you. BUT I CAN'T REMEMBER WHICH CATALOGUE I ORDERED THEM FROM and, of course, I cut out the tags. Because they were irritating my skin and with the price of recycling now, I sold the label for scrap metal.

Why is it that things that seem so simple to me are...not even a blip on the screen? Does no one CARE that I paid $75 for these pants eight years ago so odds are that I'm going to pay $125 for them now and I want THREE PAIR and I CAN'T FIND THEM? I don't have a marketing degree, I don't need one...YOU DON'T HAVE TO REINVENT THE WHEEL.

Just ask me. I have all the answers.


City Girl said…
So are they orange-handled scissors or orange-handled tin snips?

Yes, I am back from the dead. And from Utah...same diff, really.