Morocco Mole is Alive and Well

Subtitle: There is humor in everything.

I sit in on a lengthy conference call every Wednesday at 11 a.m. in order to stay up-do-date on some project at work. I don't participate, I just listen.

Sanctioned Spying is basically the only way I learn anything from this particular group of people...who happen to be engineers. A profession universally known for the poor communication and social skills of its members.

Until last week I dreaded this call. It is painful. I mean step-on-a-rusty-nail-get-a-tetanus-shot painful.

Then, out of nowhere, a new player emerged. I'll call him Peter.

Peter sounds EXACTLY like Morocco Mole from the old Secret Squirrel cartoon. His voice, his accent, the cadence - it is DEAD ON. At first I thought he was kidding around, but he isn't.

This morning I found myself looking forward to the call. I just had to hear that voice. I put the phone on mute and chuckled and chuckled and chuckled. Bless his heart.

Find joy in what you do, kids. It's the only way to make it through the day. *smoooooch!*


Melissa said…
Ok, now that's funny.

The counselor at our new school sounds like a character from
"Fargo". She actually said "all-righty" and "okeedokee" at our conference. It took all I had not to just lose it.
Country Girl said…
I wasn't going to say this. I REALLY wasn't going to say this. But.......I never heard of Secret Squirrel. Keeping in mind my peer group ranges in age from 60 to 30? I am constantly AMAZED at the things I've never heard of.