Rien Dire

That's "nothing to say" in French for you non-Cajuns, non-Quebecers and Francophobes.

Everything sounds better in French - even nothing.

To be read as Lauren Cooper: This is me tellin' you that I've nuffin' to tell.

Good thing I have a blog, eh?

In saying that I have nothing to say, what I'm really saying is that my God, I need to get a life.

How sad that at the end of summer all I have to report is that I've worked like a fiend, turned down a promotion, lost a few pounds, become someone of a certain age who has to take medication daily, took one weekend trip to Yankeeland and was attacked by some sort of bug that's left lovely, itch welts on my back.

That one was too much, wasn't it? The welts? TMI.

The sad truth is that the usual highlight of my summer is the release of either a new Harry Potter book or movie. The real fun, of course, is the anticipation - like how Christmas morning isn't really the best part of Christmas. All the fun takes place during the month between Thanksgiving and Christmas when the partying, decorating baking and gift-giving is done.

The best part of any new Harry Potter anything is competing with my (now adult) niece and nephew to see who can read the new book the quickest - usually nephew. During odd years the highlight is going with these brilliant young adults who thankfully do not fancy themselves too cool to be seen in public with dull, old Aunt and Uncle to the movies on opening weekend. Me with a full-grown friend in tow and a purse full of Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans and Chocolate Frogs.

Hmm. That's a bit pathetic. But, all in all, it's better than the alternative...which is what I'm experiencing this summer. No Harry. No fun.

Also, no Hamlet starring dreamy David Tennant and the awe-inspiring Patrick Stewart - unlike some people. (Smooches, Fab Boy).

But there's a dim glow at the end of this insanely hot, humid tunnel - Hubster and I plan to go on a cruise to Mexico in October. So I've got that going for me...which is nice.

And we are planning - determined, I tell you - to take a trip to England next July.

Good thing Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince doesn't open that weekend....


Anonymous said…
Hey, I am still your's and the Hubster's date to see the next HP movie!! Your full-grown friend...Lumpy
City Girl said…
November 20th, Lumpster! :o)
Comet Girl said…
Great googily moogily. You are such a nerd when you put it like that. And the revelation that I too am a nerd, albeit a very cute one is a little disconcerting. The Silver Fox always did say I would be the best looking chick at the Star Trek convention. Can't wait for the HP movie, can I come with?