Do they really not understand?

There was a funny in an email yesterday, referring to W being "baffled" by the congress' refusal to okay the bail out. The funny explained that W didn't understand the difference in the bail out when you got busted for drunk driving and your dad fixed it with one call, and the bail out involved with$700 billion. Dollars.

I keep listening to the news seems so simple to me. So obviously, I'm missing the point but...y'all. The American people struggling with $100K mortgages (and I'm not talking about the people with $400K mortgages making $75K a year) don't want to give money to people who make $19M, $40M or $150M bonuses..........IN ONE YEAR. I'm not greedy but Jesus Christ! Why would you reward the fuck-ups? And while yes, I'm simplifying, that's the looks REAL simple.

Like I said, obviously I don't get it.


Melissa said…
Oh silly girl! Of course you don't get it! You are trying to apply logic to the situation. Don't try. It hurts your head and makes you see spots.