I'll be bowing out now...

One of the things I most enjoy about City Girl is her take on things that I don't get/don't care about/don't have time for. You can't imagine the times I go look up something because...well, she made it good.

When I was in high school there was a band here called the Soft Explosion. (I'm not making this up.) This was the 70's and the music was easy to listen to, especially if you were 16 and in heat. And since all 16 year olds are in heat these guys were HOT. (Today, one of them is a world famous musical studio engineer. One is a frequent contributor to the Editor's Page. One was a corrections officer who died last year. Life goes on, you get old and shit happens.)

But people, I can still smell the skating rink. Remember those damn strobe lights. This all gets slightly tarnished by the fact that I CAN'T SKATE. Couldn't skate...eight small wheels obviously rotating independently of each other and MY body parts? Never got it. But the skating rink was the place to be, I was in love, and that band was ROCKIN'.

Fast forward to last year. My middle-age/middle-class/overweight/boring ass is on the way into town to deliver the little kids to school and there, on the side of the road, was this sign. And it said, to the best of my memory...The Something Something Something Explosion.

I drove past that sign for two weeks, thinking there was a concert somewhere. Didn't know/care who, didn't know/care where, just...there must be a concert. And then I eventually realized that NO! Ron Paul wasn't a concert, he was the next generation of Ralph Nader. Some fruitcake on the fringe, putting up signs on the side of the road. Spending money I HOPE he inherited, running a foolish sideshow for the presidency.

And then the SERIOUS candidates stepped up?

On this one, I quit. I'm going to state right up front, in total disgust, that I'm not voting for either of the main candidates. My vote will be a protest vote, and I hope it's duly noted as such. George W was my governor in Texas and I have NO IDEA why no one saw this coming. He didn't "run" for president...they sent him to the polls just to get him OUT of the damn state of Texas. Rightly so. And now?

I'm gonna vote, but you will NOT make me take the lesser of the two evils. I'm tired of not being able to vote for someone I really believe in, so this year I'm going to file a protest vote. And then I'm going to sit around for the next four years and complain. Because obviously, NONE OF THIS IS MY FAULT!

I didn't vote for him.