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OMG Sean and Matthew crack me up.

Be sure to scroll down to the image of Jesus riding a dinosaur. Mocking, of course, Sarah Palin's belief that people and dinosaurs coexisted. Jesus and camels? Sure. Jesus and donkeys? Definitely. Jesus and dinosaurs? I'm sorry, but that's funny. I think even the Pope Ratz would laugh at that one.

And the people who walked with Dino and Barney of course, looked just like you and me. Argyle sweater sets, Coach handbags, the whole thing. Because - are you sitting down? - the existence of Neanderthals is a hoax perpetuated by "scientists" who rely on government grant money to survive. Which is no better than welfare.

We should probably, for the sake of argument, leave out of the equation the Primeval anomaly. We all KNOW Helen walks among sauropods. I just buried the needle on the Geek Meter, didn't I? Damn.

So I wonder what Moose Enemy Number One had to say about this over the weekend.

4.2 Billion Year-old Rock Formation Found in Northern Canada.

It boggles the bespeckled and updo-swept mind.