Possible Vindication

I don't want to jinx this, but:

This morning I called the Alabama Department of Transporation office in our county, as instructed by Officer Friendly.

He said, "take it up with the DOT" so I'm taking it up with the DOT.

So the guy at ALDOT told me that, no, it isn't right that this stretch of road has two different speed limits depending on which direction you're traveling, even if it does have a school on one side.

I asked if he'd ever heard of a road where the speed limit was one direction on one side of the street and another speed on the other. He said that, no, he didn't think that was right at all and that they'd investigate the situation.

Next week they're going to send the Traffic Investigator to check it out.

Fingers crossed.

Image Credit: advicefromofficerfriendly.blogspot.com/. I should have visited this site a long time ago.

PS - This morning, for the first time, I READ the ticket I was given yesterday. The Trooper actually used the word "attitude" in his discription of me. So much for free speech.


Comet Girl said…
At least he didn't say damn yankee. I'm just glad I didn't get a call to come get you out of the Clements pokey. There is no free speech when it comes to our nazi troopers. There's a reason they wear those "jack" boots ya know. It looks cool when the goose step.
Melissa said…
Attitude? You? There are so many other adjectives to describe you and the best he could come up with was attitude?
Country Girl said…
Oh, and Officer Friendly (I hesitate to use caps there, as they seem to indicate a certain degree of respect) is on a roll. He had two kids pulled over at the auction house yesterday morning (while there was a wreck at Kendale Gardens) and someone else yesterday afternoon at that little white Baptist church on the right. I think he's playing with his new car.