Return of the Prodigal Girl

I'm at home and back in the office this week. Took another trip Out West last week for a Meeting of the Minds. Dunno why I was there, except to act as a witness for the prosecution in case of bloodshed.

Recent Random Thoughts and Observations:

If you are a woman and you are not DEEPLY offended by the addition of Sarah Palin to the Republican ticket, you are to immediately surrender your ovaries and pick up your lifetime supply of Soma.

The best bumper sticker I've yet to see: Palin = Pandering

Joe Biden is a shocker. I had him pegged as a bidder for Secretary of State, not Veep. The Vice Presidential debate should ::mmmrrrreeeooooowww::

Rumor on the Internets: Hillary cut a deal to support Obama in exchange for Ruth Bader Ginsburg's ruffled spot on the SCOTUS...Sweet Mother of God. Hill may be a lawyer and a better-than-the-average-bear politician, but she isn't exactly a legal scholar is she? Can you say Harriet Miers? Let's hope it's an urban myth. Has anyone checked Snopes?

If air travel gets any less comfortable and any more penny-ante it will force a revival of rail travel in the U.S...which would not be such a bad thing IMHO. GE has engineered a hybrid locomotive. "Hear me now und belief me later."

I hate Facebook. No, I love Facebook. NO. I HATE FACEBOOK! One more online activity to keep me from interacting with actual humans....

The Dr. Horrible soundtrack is now available on iTunes!


Kitchen is still not finished. The "exciting" news is that the remodel and I are about to celebrate our one-year anniversary. The paper anniversary. So what do I buy it? (NOT wallpaper).

Hubster is amazing, I still can't believe this man married me, and we're celebrating 11 years of friendship-friendswithbennies-dating-cohabitating-marriage next month. Eleven years is emeralds for the Missus and golf clubs for the Mister, no?

Upcoming travel: Atlanta, Austin, San Fran, NYC, Chicago. This big-girl job is REALLY difficult work. I had no idea people worked this hard. How do you do it? I'm getting fatter and more wrinkled every month from the stress.

I missed a hair appointment this past Saturday (see "out west" above) and as a result have 1/8" bright silver roots, which in the sunlight looks like I have a headful of glitter. Which would be fine if I was a Glam Rocker and this was 1985, but I'm not and it's not. Hubster - trying to be helpful, bless his heart - said, "I like silver hair." "Too bad," says I. "I'm going to the grave coppery-auburn so just move along there, sonny."

Speaking of The Grave...I have a weird pain...which is bad because I tend to get very dramatic (you're gasping in disbelief, I know) when I have weird getting-old pains.

Which organ is next to your stomach, on the right? Your liver? Oh, no. Not my liver. I need my liver. Quick! How do you detox a liver? With Gin? Right. I'm on it.

Peace out, Peeps.

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Melissa said…
Palin makes my skin crawl. I had actually read about her several months ago regarding that issue with her ex-BIL. And I was thinking that thank God that WT woman is way up there where she can't do any real harm.

Happy Anniversary!

Oh, and is this the time to rub it in that I did more work on my kitchen? No? Ok then. :)

And I think that's your gall bladder actually. You don't need that. But drink some gin anyway, just in case...
City Girl said…
Popular opinion around the water cooler is Gallbladder. Feels like a baseball is stuck under my ribcage.

Crap. Another beautiful scar. No more nookie with the lights on....
Dory said…
Although I made my disdain for Palin painfully obvious via Twitter, I feel compelled to reiterate. She's a smug bitch.
fatboyfat said…
Palin appears to be the perfect response to all those people who said that Americans don't do irony.

And thank you, by the way. You're very kind. (That'll puzzle most observers).
Country Girl said…
Wait...I thought that was your APPENDIX on that side? No? Shit. I need to go count how many kids I have.