Well, shit

I'm going to have to go back and see how many of our old posts share this title....

I admit defeat. I fought the law...and the law won.

Not ONLY did the Department of Transportation agree with the State Trooper as to the cattywampus speed limit on that stretch of road, but they're going to recommend the lower speed limit be extended further past the school!

And, now that they mention it, the City Fathers - who heretofore told Country Girl that I was right about the bass-ackwards speed limit - agree with the DOT.

So Statey's speed trap will actually be increased by about 50 yards.

Damn. Damn. DAMN!


Amblus said…
That is just so unfair!
Tom said…
Dirty Rotten Sunsabitches! I'm hating them from here.
That whole force field thing is a fantastic idea. You should totally make that a reality.
Country Girl said…
NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Did you call who I told you to call? Because there are DOCUMENTS...never mind. Homecoming at the Methodist church tomorrow and I will corner this person personally...the city TRIED TO GET THEM TO MAKE IT 55. DOT wouldn't do it.

Have I ever mentioned that I grew up the daughter/relative of politicians and you couldn't get a child in this family into politics for any amount of money? AND IT'S OVER SHIT LIKE THIS.