And these people legislated the bail out

Description from a previous post: I have a one-legged cousin who's an alcoholic with MS, undergoing chemo for prostate cancer.

Keeping in mind there's nothing you can do but laugh and roll your eyes, YOU tell ME what's wrong (with no explanation from me) with the following diagnosis:

Medicaid gave him an $80K (that's eighty THOUSAND) leg, that works off nerve and muscle impulses.

YOU GAVE A GUY WITH MS A DEVICE THAT NEEDS MUSCLE CONTROL TO WORK? They really did. It's on the couch under a pile of clothes...he only uses it when he has to be somewhere without handicap access.

But wait! It gets worse. The leg uses a rechargeable battery and when the battery was no longer functional, turns out it's a $6000 battery. He can't afford a $6000 battery...he lives off about $1000 a month. So guess what Medicaid is going to do?

Yep. Give him another $80K leg. When all he wants, and I quote, is a "titanium golf shaft stuck down into a shoe."


Le laquet said…
Was there something wrong with just replacing the battery?
Country Girl said…
Medicaid doesn't do that. Not in the job description.