Another "What I...." Post

Lazy Sunday Post Number 7:

What I'm doing: Trying to type while lying mostly-reclined, with a twitching, dreaming, deeply sleeping cat tucked under my chin. This is talent, folks.

What I was doing up until five minutes ago: Finishing the partial-manuscript of Midnight Sun, very thoughtfully forwarded to me by Comet Girl. Yes, I am obsessed. No, I have no shame. Of course, I am deeply saddened by the fact the book will never be published.

What I'm eating: Nothing. I've been too engrossed/tired/lazy to forage for sustenance today. But a plan to cook a chicken and dressing Sunday Dinner with roast acorn squash and green beans is coming together in my mind.

What I am not looking forward to: A week spent, locked in a board room, with "marketeers" from Europe and Asia, ironing out the details of a global marketing campaign for 2009. Really, the meeting portion of the week won't be so bad, but the "entertaining" part - late dinners every night when I really just want to be at home with my little family - will be the end of me. I am getting to be so selfish with the little personal time I have.

What I'm listening to: The soundtrack from Twilight. It is ex-cellent. Collective Soul, Debussy, Puccini, Linkin Park - it all works perfectly together. Really impressive.

What I want for Christmas: An iPod (yes, I am the last person on earth to get one - but I want the good one, so I have to be patient), Sony sound-cancelling headphones (for airplanes - apparently I am a screaming-baby magnet), and chocolate pearls. You know, just a few little things, Santa Baby....


Marci B. said…
I heard that the soundtrack for Twilight is SO good - I will definitely have to check it out. I am excited for the movie! By the way - I'm enjoying your blog :) Have a good week!!
City Girl said…
Shalom, Marci! Welcome!