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What I'm eating: Tea and semolina toast with fig jam. The breakfast of champions.

What I'm drinking: Above.

What I'm reading: Twilight. I started it yesterday and cannot put it down. It's like sticky tape on a cat's paw. ::shake, shake:: It is still in my hand. ::SHAKE, SHAKE:: Yup, still there. I dreamed about it. I read at stoplights on the way to work this morning. I sat in the parking lot and read for ten minutes before coming into the office. Am having a very difficult time concentrating on these FASCINATING spreadsheets with Edward Cullen floating through my I-am-a-big-girl-and-should-be-thinking-big-girl thoughts.

What I'm watching: Election polling - what else?

What is pissing me off: Election polling - what else?


Comet Girl said…
I'm 1/2 way thru book 4, "Breaking Dawn", I'm beyond HOOKED. Mine is super-glued to my hand. You can come with me to the movie 11/21.
City Girl said…

You, me, and 300 teenage girls.

There won't be a dude in the theatre. Well, not a straight dude, anyway.