I can HEAR my horizons expanding ;)

Things I have learned over this long weekend:

If you put an egg in cold water, turn the heat to high and leave the room? And forget about the egg? After all the water boils out of the pan and the egg sits on the dry hot surface for a little bit, the egg explodes. It literally BLOWS UP, all over the stove top, countertop, backsplash and underneath the cabinets. Little pieces of boiled egg yolk and white, and discolored shell, spattered all to hell and back.

There is a drain in your refrigerator. Did you know that? Seems like it's something I should have known because I knew I had a drain PAN, but I just didn't put two and two together. Pulled the refrigerator out and took every panel I could find off. Couldn't find the leak. Crawled around with a flashlight and vacuum cleaner, poking and cleaning, and still couldn't find the leak. Finally broke down and called the neighbor across the street and his nephew came over, took one look at the refrigerator and announced, "Drain's plugged."

Well, hell. THEN, he announced I needed compressed air and all I know about compressed air is that it comes in cans at Office Depot and you clean your keyboard with it. Should you be the computer-keyboard-cleaning sort of person. Which I'm not. Turns out, compressed air comes in TANKs and I needed a tank. Didn't have one, nephew says he'll come by later with a tank but in the meantime. Oh, y'all. We put a funnel in the drain opening. Poured in baking soda. Poured in vinegar.

No lie, we sat lined up in the floor, watching that stuff bubble up out of that funnel and just cracking up. Those expanding horizons and all. Small children will do that to you.

I also learned, this weekend, that you can freeze marshmallows. Should you ever need to know that.

I have GOT to get a real job. With real people who don't really GIVE A SHIT that you can freeze marshmallows.

Image Credit: (cool site) http://www.bamboofield.com/Portfolio/Files/3d/port_3d_FrontPage_25.htm


Comet Girl said…
Knew that about the egg (been there, done that, got the T-shirt). Didn't know that about the fridge. Am glad to know that about marshmallows since my 3 year old has discovered toasting them over an open fire.