A Different Kind of Protest

Remember I said I was going to register a protest vote? Remember how I said I'm tired of being forced to vote for the "lesser" of two evils, and I was voting for Ron Paul? Ron Paul, someone out of left field (who I thought was a concert for the longest because the signs said the Ron Paul Explosion) just so I could REGISTER A PROTEST VOTE?

Well, just guess who wasn't on the ballot. Wasn't. Even. On. The. Ballot. I guess maybe he was off PLAYING THE DRUMS or something.

And when I informed an inquisitive friend that no, I didn't vote for Ron Paul but I BY GEORGE VOTED FOR RALPH NADER, my friend pointed out that odds are no one registered my vote as a protest.

They just assumed there's some idiot leftover hippie, cruising along in an old Volkswagon and wearing 30-year-old Bob Dylan t-shirts, in this neck of the woods.

That would be me. Futilely protesting.

If you didn't think yesterday's post was the funniest thing you have ever seen, you are in the wrong place.


I just destroyed my ballot by scribbling all over it. protest vote! (I'm also a ron paul supporter. hi!)