What Election?

What I'm Eating: Tippany County Caviar. Never heard of it? It's black-eyed peas with minced onions and peppers. I'm about to go into a meeting with a group of very, very difficult people. Entering that room with Tippany County Caviar breath is my silent but lethal revenge.

What I'm Drinking: Water. Except for one cup of tea in the morning I am off caffeine...For as long as it lasts.

What I'm Dreaming About: Vampires and Tornadoes. Nice, right? I always have tornado dreams when I'm stressed out. Last night's was particularly vivid and included a vampire...who did NOT look like Edward Cullen (see post below).

What I'm Reading: Spreadsheets. Have I ever mentioned my irrational fear of formulas?

What is Pissing Me Off: Nothing. I'm too busy and tired to be aggravated. Now THAT's tired.

Please appreciate that I did not once mention the American election in this post. Oh...wait...damn.


Heather said…
You're off caffeine...ARE YOU MAD???