Cookies! Cookies! Cookies!

The prize I won over at Taking What's Left, for most pitiful excuse for a Christmas tradition, arrived today.

Y'all, you just don't know how long it's been since I consumed homemade cookies not baked by yours truly. Somebody else worked and slaved and put a little bit of love (and undoubtedly cussing) into: Mexican Wedding cookies, White Chocolate Pistachio cookies, Chocolate Chip Oatmeal cookies and some amazing Gingersnaps. Then she packaged them up and sent them to me.
I. Love. It.

It finally, as of the moment when I almost made myself sick on Gingersnaps, feels like Christmas.

Note to all other generous bakers: Ginger is my favorite flavor, not counting Clove (which no one respects as a favorite flavor as no one respects grey as a favorite color). I'm just saying.

I love ALL the cookies, but - face it - everyone has a favorite everything and I adore these gingersnaps. Mel isn't just clever and funny and (I'm speculating) immensely attractive, the Girl can bake!

And just in case the bounty of baked goodness wasn't enough, she included with the booty a David Hasselhoff Christmas card and opened for me an entire world of Hasselhoff cheese goodness I heretofore could not have imagined existed.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good sugar buzz.


alejna said…
Oh, wow. I need to make me some friends who know how to bake. I want cookies. I wonder if I could take out a personal ad.
Melissa said…
Glad you like them. :)

And you aren't too far off on the cussing. Those wonderful gingersnaps? That's actually the second batch I made. While baking the first batch, the Things were acting like your normal pre-pubscent boys and I got distracted while baking. And I forgot to add...sugar. So the first batch were gingersucks. Not one of my finer kitchen moments, I assure you. I wasn't going to share the story, but it is kind of funny. Now.