Double Your Pleasure Tuesday

This post has been rated "NC 17" by CBS censors.

I had to laugh at myself a minute ago.

I was over at La Laquet's place and read her, "You say, I hear" post of a few days ago. As I read through the list, my mind kept going back to the same thing over and over and over again

I think Hub is in for some trouble tonight....

Sleepy :: Bed
Thanksgiving :: Parade
Fifteen :: Minutes
Authority :: Master
Bangs :: Sex
Curled :: Up together
Young man :: Robert Pattinson
Surprised :: Shower
Mistake :: Oh, is this shower occupied?
Handle it :: (like I have to draw you a picture)


Melissa said…
I get the rest, but


Do you have a cute hairdresser?
City Girl said…

No, but it does have something to do with a head...board.
City Girl said…
Okay, kids, I just had to laugh again. Let's take a subject-matter inventory of current posts:

Sex: 2
Rednecks: 3
Ancient Pop Culture: 1
Charity: 1

I'm sensing an imbalance....