My sister-in-law needs to get a different job

If you wait around for Christmas and you're looking at the weekend before, with two gifts bought and not a DAMN other thing done, then on Thursday you'll get deathly ill and on Monday your computer will crash.

I know.

But that's not the point. Something, a few minutes ago, was talking about great Christmas songs and while we're all pretty much agreed about the basics...Bing Crosby gets a seat in heaven...there is room for discussion. And one of the discussions was Mariah Carey or some such and that just doesn't sound right...then again, I don't like but a few women singers (Aretha immediately comes to mind) so I'm not an authority.

Y'all...if you've never heard Aaron Neville sing "Oh, Holy Night," get thee to the music store. I get RELIGION everytime I hear that is the most beautiful all-round mix-together-all-your-past/present/future-influences Christmas song imaginable. The Inmates are out for the moment, doing The Big Boy's parents gifting (there's a LOOOONG story there!), and I'm sitting here listening on "repeat."

Just play it over and over. Thank you, Lord, for such blessings.

Well, hell. I forgot, as so often happens these days, the point. Which is that if you know a drug rep then you know that they have NO problem with the fact that there's no "M.D." after their names. They know it all. So as the family rallied to fill in for the ailing Country Girl this holiday, Sister-In-Law Whom I Love Dearly remarked that I needed to get my white blood count checked.

Well, now, don't THAT just crank up the holiday spirit?