Random thought instigated by a cartoon sent by Country Girl, a phone call from my sister informing me that I'm going to be an aunt again in June (yeay!) and my own unfamiliar warm, fuzzy feelings.

Here's what I'm wondering:
I will be interested to see if the US experiences a mini-baby boom in October, and if a large percentage of these new Americans will be named Barack, Baracka, LaBama (they will be born to Ala'Bama football fans) and Obamita.

It sounds corny and I never expected to actually feel this way, but the inauguration of President Obama actually has me - optimistic. (I hesitate to say "hopeful" even though that's a more accurate description).

So if I were a younger person, whose adult life had been lived only post-9/11, and along came a young-ish President, with gorgeous little kids, talking about getting along with everyone, making peace with the world and finally fixing all these damn broken-down roads and bridges...ahem...I might be feeling like now is good time to start a family.

Hear me now and believe me later, this fall all y'all's neighborhood will be running over with passels new little Baracks, wearing tiny lapel pins on their onesies and sporting little Blackberries on their hips - and that is totally long as their hipster parents don't start driving like Secret Service agents. That would push CountryGirl over the edge.


alejna said…
You may be right about the upcoming Obama baby boom. Will they be the Oboomer generation?