Maybe I should stick to my gardening skills

I'm going to have to declutter my life and since I'd have to get a job if I chunked The Big Boy, it looks like I need to part with some stuff. So I've been pulling things out and sorting through piles and...I don't have it in me.

Every single thing I'm looking at? I know just as sure as I'm standing here that the Thursday the trash guys pick it up is the day before the Friday I will desperately have to have it. I KNOW's just the way things work.

My "go" pile currently has three curtain rods, with accompanying rings, and although there aren't three identical windows in this house...the minute those are gone I'm going to remember what I bought them for.

There's a pair of in-line skates that I (really!) DID use. Eleven years ago when we lived in Texas. IT COULD HAPPEN! It could. There are two sets of lovely gold and cream star-shaped candles. I have NO IDEA WTF I was thinking...they're short so they must be supposed to float in something and...I've got no floaters. Pretty damn sure.

I have over 300 cookbooks. Collected one by one (ooh, oooh, ooh. That's another post when the girl who bought my house in Texas walked into the library and explained to her fiance..."You buy them by the boxful at yard sales." You white trash bitch. You buy and READ them one at a time.

I read cookbooks at night. For entertainment and fodder for leftovers. Some of them are best friends: Emeril's, Cotton Country, Rick Bayless, Breakfast at Brennans, Martha Stewart, Neiman Marcus. I have my grandmother's original red and white checked Better Homes & Gardens. THESE ARE IMPORTANT! And oh, y'all...they are taking up a LOT of space. A lot. And some of them haven't been read in years could happen!

Bundt Classics. I make one cake and I make it a LOT and I DON'T EAT CAKE. But other people do and I cook for other people could happen. Home Sausage Making. I actually did this. Once. After I spent $160 on equipment, I made boudain and it was wonderful and we loved it and now I don't know where the equipment is but, it could happen. Again. A Flavor of Normandy. No clue what's in it and unless I get all highbrow and decide to cook a theme dinner THAT book's not going anywhere. But it could happen.

Oh, and then there's Cheesemaking. Cheese. Making. As in...make cheese. Oh, y'all, all good intentions aside and wondrous acts I sometimes DO accomplish? That ain't gonna happen. If it does...I'll send a picture. Of me on my inline skates...making mozzarella balls.

You CAN have it all!


City Girl said…
Partial Solution: I'll take the cookbooks, hold them for you, and you can come get them when you need them!