Rethinking Facebook

Random Observation:

I am not sure I want to continue participating on a social networking site with more fans of:

Shakira (584,609) than The Doors (533,560)

And more fans of BANANAS-IN-FREAKING-PAJAMAS (529,764) than The Beatles (496,011)


Thank God Pink Floyd (991,259) kicked Britney's ass (516,154) or I would have had to close my account on the spot.



Country Girl said…
OMG. Jim Morrison was So. Damn. Goodlooking.
alejna said…
I am deeply unsettled by seeing that The Beatles have the lowest fan count of the artists you listed. What kind of world is this?
Le laquet said…
It's the 4 year olds ... Bananas in PJs are god to them!
fatboyfat said…
Yes, you see, very few 14-year-olds could cope with "The Crystal Ship", to be honest.

Whereas Shakira and her small and humble parts...well they appeal to all sorts of people, I suppose.

(PS, the word verification for this comment is 'suphips'. Stopp sniggering at the back there...)